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Durable hybrid top coat dedicated to add gloss and seal the UV LaQ hybrid polishes. SPN Nails top coat perfectly harmonises with the hybrid polish, creating an elastic layer that works well with the nail. 501 may also be successfully used to finish an acrylic or gel styling or to extend durability of the classic nail polish. It adds gloss to the nails and protects them from scratches and mechanical damage. 501 Top UV LaQ is exceptionally delicate for the natural plate and it may be successfully used by the persons with sensitive and even atopic skin. After slight buffing, the top coat is fully soluble in the Hybrid & Acrylic Nails Remover.


501 Top UV LaQ 8ml or 12 ml

PriceFrom AED59.00
Sales Tax Included |
  • On a hybrid polish – apply after the second layer of the hybrid polish, cure in the lamp, then wipe the dispersion layer.

    On the classic nail polish – apply after the nail polish has dried and cure in the lamp.


    If you need a no wipe hybrid top coat (without the dispersion layer), use 700 Top Shine UV LaQ.

    Purpose : Permanent nail polish

    Density : Medium thick

    Effect : Shiny finish of hybrid manicure

    Application  : 1layer

    Curing time : LED SPN Nails: 60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes

    Removal :  it dissolves in the liquid Hybrid & Acrylic Remover SPN Nails

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