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“Silky Base” is a revolution in the vitamin strengthening of a natural plate! It has been enriched with nylon fibers for improved durability of the nail plate, vitamin E, which strengthens the plate and calcium, which prevents its delamination and breaking.



The strengthening building base ideal for thin and brittle nails, hardens even a very delicate and problematic nail plate, creating a durable and hard coating on it. The additional content of vitamin E and calcium will strengthen natural nails, preventing them from breaking and delamination. The base is thick, self-levelling and has a high ability to stabilize, so it does not run during application. Silky Base allows you to extend nails by up to 6-8 mm on the form it has a hardness comparable to a classic gel! It extends manicure durability and completely eliminates the risk of lifting, crushing and peeling of UV polishes, even for very long nails. Can be used under hybrids, classic gels, Acryl-O! -Gel and as a stand-alone product.


Silky Base UV LaQ 8 ml or 12 ml

PriceFrom AED118.00
Sales Tax Included |
  • Purpose : Hybrid building base for weak, delicate and damaged nails

    Density : Very Thick

    Effect:Strengthening of weak nails, maximum extension of hybrid manicure durability

    Application : 1- 2  layers

    Curing time : Dual LED SPN Nails: 60 seconds, UV: 120 seconds

    Removal : Dissolved in liquid Hybrid & Acrylic Remover SPN Nails

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