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Fiber Gel is a gel enriched with high-strength micro fibers. It contains natural, visible to the naked eye silk fibers, which during polymerization form a "reinforcing mesh" and perfectly bond with the natural plate of our client.

It is a gel for "special tasks" when reconstructing a damaged nail plate or filling nail defects, it is ultra hard and durable, it will harden even the weakest nail plate.

The gel is transparent, hard, with a plastic, thick consistency.

Thanks to its hardness, it is also perfect for the construction of unusual shapes and extreme lengths.

The fibers are only visible initially in the packaging and completely disappear after curing.


Advantages of Fiber Gel construction gel:

- very plastic

- combination of the gel technique with the Fiberglass method

- single-phase - plastically dense


Color: Transparent

Density: plastic, thick consistency

Curing time for DUAL LED 30 s. UV 120 s.


The product is available in a capacity of 15 g

For proffesional use only

SPN - Fiber Gel

AED183.00 Regular Price
AED109.80Sale Price
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