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Rubber Base COLOR & GO! Love iT! - love it or leave it! However, we guarantee that you will not want to part with it! It may seem quite flashy on the color chart, in fact - you will love this color from the first application! Try it!


It is a 2-in-1 product - a flexible rubber base and color, closed in one SPN Nails glass bottle.

Rubber Base COLOR & GO! is a multifunctional product - a base and a color that will allow you to shorten the time of services as much as possible and get the most fashionable effect of milky-pastel nails, so much desired by our clients!

Rubber Base COLOR & GO! will delight you not only with colors, but also with a medium-thick formula and opacity that will allow you to eliminate the imperfections of the natural nail plate.

It will be perfect for natural look and french styling on a natural nail plate.

The flexible product works perfectly with the natural nail plate, eliminating the risk of mechanical damage, and also levels beautifully.

It comes in 13 beautiful shades, closed in a bottle with a capacity of 10 ml.

Rubber base, colorful, flexible. Perfect for soft, damaged nails. It perfectly harmonizes with the plate, thanks to which it minimizes the risk of lifting. It is best to apply 2 times: 1 thin rub and 2nd layer

Rubber Base COLOR & GO! LoVe iT! 10ml

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  • Nail polish color: Pink

    Density: Medium thick

    Effect :Strengthening of weak nails, maximum extension of hybrid manicure durability

    Application: 1-2 layers

    Curing time: LED SPN Nails: 30 seconds, UV: 2 minutes

    Removal: Dissolved in liquid Hybrid Acrylic Remover SPN Nails



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