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A revolution in nail styling! JellyX gel in a bottle from SPN Nails!

JellyX Baby Powder is a nude gel that will allow you to create a beautiful, express manicure!

JellyX means durability, comfort and ease of work for every stylist!

It is a flexible, medium-thick gel, closed in a convenient bottle with a brush.

Its consistency prevents you from flooding the cuticles. You can easily extend the nail on a form or harden the nail plate.

The gel is self-leveling and runs perfectly under the brush, which makes work extremely comfortable.

The lack of a burning sensation makes gel styling a real pleasure.

Choose one of 6 beautiful, pudding colors and enjoy beautiful and durable manicure for many weeks!


Advantages of JellyX:

  • ease of work - the product so easy to use that it can even be used a beginner stylist!
  • convenient packaging - a bottle with a brush, application like your favorite gel polish
  • beautiful, milky colors - 6 universal shades that will match any complexion 
  • self-leveling formula
  • perfect density, thanks to which you will not flood the cuticles
  • no burning sensation in the lamp
  • durability and no air pockets!
  • express manicure - shorter service time and more profit in the salon!

Curing time:

48w DUAL LED lamp. 60s


JellyX! you can apply on a natural nail plate, but if you want the styling to last longer, use one of the SPN Nails base coats.

Start with... JellyX! And love the gel method!

See also other gel colors in the JellyX.

Gel in a bottle JellyX Baby Powder 8 ml

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AED59.00Sale Price
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