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Durable 'no wipe' hybrid top coat dedicated to add gloss and seal the UV LaQ hybrid polishes, may be successfully used as a finish to the acrylic or gel styling.

 Thanks to micronised sapphire crystal, the top ensures durable, lasting up to 6 weeks, unbelievable gloss comparable to the gloss of the pane of glass. SPN Nails top coat perfectly harmonises with the hybrid polish, creating an elastic layer that works well with the nail and protects it from scratches, stains and mechanical damage. 700 Top Shine UV LaQ does not have the dispersion layer and is exceptionally delicate for the natural plate, thus may be successfully used by the individuals with sensitive and even atopic skin. We recommend it to women who like the 'wet nail' effect.


700 Top Shine UV LaQ 8 ml & 12ml

PriceFrom AED60.50
Sales Tax Included |

    Apply after second layer of a hybrid polish, cure and leave to 'evaporate'. Do not wipe! Peeling, balm or oil should be applied only after a minute after the hands have been taken out of the lamp.

    Remember! Never apply the oil immediately after removing your hand from the lamp - wait about 20 seconds. Thanks to this, your top will have even more shine!


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