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Scrub Say Yes!, one of the SPN Nails bestsellers, was inspired by the sexy fragrance of the Si by Armani.

Sweet and fruity pampers skin with delicate texture and perfect absorption. The scrub contains sugar crystals that effectively exfoliate and the power of active ingredients: Shea butter, beeswax, sweet almonds oil and unsaturated fatty acids retain the proper level of skin hydration, ensure the comfort. The skin after the peeling procedure is smooth, silky soft and the wonderful fragrance of the perfumes frees you from stress, relaxes and makes you feel beautiful!

Thanks to the highly-concentrated nutrients and luxurious fragrances, the products of the SPA collection nourish the skin, pamper the senses and envelop the body with a beautiful, long-lasting aroma. 

Wonderfully foaming bath gels are a great prelude to further beauty treatments. Scrubs based on sugar exfoliate and make the skin smooth, balms surprise with delicate texture, fast absorption and exceptional nutrition effect and the fragrances of perfumed mists will leave you speechless.  

The price for Cosmetic Salons, SPA salons, Nail SPA, Nail Bars.

Suggested price for re-sale to the Clients of the Salons: PLN 48.

Sugar Peel Say Yes! 350g

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